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About Us

The Story of K Pizza

K Pizza is the first “Pizza al Taglio” in South Florida.

What is "Pizza al Taglio" and why is it so unique?

It is an Italian phrase which means "pizza by the slice, cut with scissors."

This style of pizza is a specialty of Rome, which is where K Pizza finds its roots. It is square in shape, and baked to perfection within stone ovens. The dough is aged for upwards of 96 hours to create a crispy, airy crust. This makes it the perfect pairing for savory tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Pizza al Taglio is served by the slice, which allows our guests to try a variety of different flavors with each meal. It is also easy to grab-and-go.

Our founder, Alfredo Taglio, spent decades making pizza in his hometown of Parioli, Rome, before moving to the States. He wanted to share the delicious flavors of his home with the world.

Following Al's mission, K Pizza's goal is to create the WOW factor in all of our guest's experiences. Our service is fast and friendly, which emulates the street vendors of Rome. We offer daily specials, which means that there will always be a new pizza or panino for guests to try. Our ingredients are sourced from Italy, down to the very flour of our dough, to ensure that our flavors stay authentic.

Stop by today and try a slice of Rome!

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